Elsa — Service

Location: Seattle, Washington

My Service dogs name is Elsa and she came to me from California when all the fires were happening there and I had a friend of mine owner train her for me for my disability and she deserves a hero dog award because she works hard each and every day to help me live a more daily life and being a normal person just like everyone else without her I wasn’t able to get out of my house wouldn’t want to go anywhere nothing and she not only has turned my life around but she is my best friend and loves her job and this would mean the world to us if I could get her this reward to help thank her for what she has done in my life and how much I appreciate her hard work in this photograph she was at the doctor’s office with me when I had a very bad anxiety attack and she just had alerted me to it even before it started to happen and then when she did her job she went to go lay back down