Emma — Service

Charity Partner: Paws and Effect
Location: Grimes, Iowa

I have PTSD from both my horrible childhood and my military time. There has been so many times where I was depressed or having real bad anxiety. When I am out in the public it is hard to deal with, when I am around people it is hard to deal with. This caused me to turn inwards and be sort of a hermit, I would avoid people, avoid going anywhere avoid even my wife. Having a devoted dog like Emma changes all of this. She just stares at me wanting to please me and wanting to be with me. I feel it is easy to train a dog but to get the kind of bond we have with Emma is far superior. I am always amazed at how smart she is and how much she has allowed me to break free of my shell so to speak. With so much Veteran suicide and so many Vets feeling left out and not cared about it is truly important for us to have the feeling of unconditional love and have someone needing us. There is so much talk in the country about how people feel bad but unfortunately it stops at talk and many of us go without being able to work as jobs do not want us with our service dogs. I want people to know our service dogs are our life as without them many of us would cease to be or have little ability to function and perform normal activities. I owe Emma my life I feel so proud of her and she looks after me. I hope we can get more Veterans service/therapy dogs so they too can feel the unconditional love.