Equinox — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Freeway's Greyt Escape
Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Equinox is the dog from a fairy tale. He landed in our lives in the summer of 2015 when he came in as stray to the Maryland SPCA. Since that fateful day in June he has touched the lives of hundreds if not thousands and is not just my personal hero but a hero to the community. Knox is an emotional support animal, a teacher dog at the Maryland SPCA and a classroom dog in Baltimore City Schools. He is a top notch breed ambassador and changes the minds of individuals on a daily basis when it comes to Pit Bulls. People describe Knox as a mush with an infectious smile. He is so tolerant and gentle and plays a major role in his family as a foster brother to countless kittens, puppies, dogs and cats. Every Tuesday he visits Westport Elementary/Middle School where he sits with the children as they learn their class lessons. In the summertime he can be found at the Maryland SPCA teaching reactive dogs that other dogs are not scary. When he was stolen from his family during a home invasion in November of 2016 the entire community came together to get him back home. His story was shared on social media nationally, picked up by all local news stations and hundreds of people took to the streets to find him. They know how special he is! In the picture we shared he is visiting the Maryland SPCA for their weekly reading hour. As you can see, no-one can resist his goofy face and his slobbery kisses. Equinox is a hero every day and he deserves to be recognized for it!