Ezekiel — Shelter

Location: Aurora, Colorado

I adopted Ezekiel at 8 weeks old he was one out of a littler of seven, I wasn’t expecting to adopt another dog after my first one had passed away but the moment I meet him I knew that I was going to take him home but I never knew how much he was going to change my life. When I was thirteen years old I was diagnosed with having osteomyelitis in my left knee and have had complications with that leg ever since that have limited my life. Ezekiel is training to become a mobility service dog and helps aid me in tasks that I wasn’t able to accomplish beforehand such as walking, picking up items. He gets me out of bed and is always the happiest just to be by my side doing anything. He’s given me a new chance at leading a normal life, with his help I’ve been able to go out on my own and have even started college with him by my side. He shows that even shelter dogs that may have had a rough start on life can become amazing companions that have what it takes to do amazing things.

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