Faith — Shelter

Location: Iowa, Louisiana

Faith was rescued from a rural animal shelter in Louisiana hours before euthanasia by Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue. She was my first foster, and my first of a few foster fails. I wanted a pit bull type dog to therapy work with, and I knew from day one that Faith was it.

With Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue’s support, we found a trainer who would work with Faith to earn her CGC and Community Canine, as well as complete our therapy hours. Our first therapy visit was to a juvenile detention center. All of the therapy dogs lined up waiting for the kids to file in. I was nervous, but Faith was ready. When it was our turn, she didn’t follow the path she was supposed to, but made a beeline for the smallest kid in the room. His face was pointed downward, and he only lifted it enough to rest his head on Faith’s side. That’s when I saw the immense pain his eyes contained, and I knew why she stopped there first. He clung to her as if she was his last hope in the world.

After three years of hard work for Faith and I, the trainer was tragically killed in a car accident. Faith helped me to step up and fill her shoes to become a certified trainer. Because of Faith, Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue has a program called The Positive Pit Project that provides service dogs to veterans.

I can now absolutely say with 100% certainty that the saying “one dog can change the world” is absolute truth. Adopting Faith forever changed the course of my life, and the lives of those she meets.

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