Fatboy — Shelter

Location: Cape Coral, Florida

Hi my name is Fatboy my mom adopted me when I was just 6weeks old I have a lot of health issues I have rubber puppy syndrome witch mean my fur rips for no reason my skin is so thin .i have had many stitches and staples my worst surgery was 4yrs ago when I cut my neck it was a very long hard road my vet dr fisher said she took 2inches of skin and fur off my neck I was on meds for a few week to keep me sleepy .and had to be cage .but night time I sleep with my mom.she took great care of me and does every day.never know when I might cut myself.it cost a lot for my last operation she is still paying it off 4yrs later but she does what she has to because she lives me. Know when I get a cut she takes care of it for me because she does not what to add more money to my doctor I where a blue suit that my team at the vets office gave me it keep my fur from moving all around it help a lot .and I love when it is on me .but boy when it comes off look out I am a wild dog lol. I was all most blind because of my skin is to much on my eyes .all so I have cherry eyes and need surgery but it cost to much .So meds every day but it’s ok I get a treat after.i have hip dysplasia. I had to c a specialist when I was young and they told my mom I would not live past 2yrs of age well I am know 5yrs of age and going strong I have good days and I have bad day .Dr fisher said it is the love mom gives me and the rest of my brothers and sister’s that keep me going .unconditional love that all I get from ma