Fergus — Shelter

Location: Flippin, Arkansas

Fergus, formally Butch, was found wandering the streets of Houston, Texas. That’s all it said in his history. He spent two long years at a rural rescue in Central Texas with some 200 other dogs. Though the owner of the rescue had her heart in the right place there was never enough time or money to give the dogs the attention or medical care they needed so Fergus just waited, and waited. We don’t know if he had the heart worms when he arrived or acquired them there and we don’t know the progression of the severe arthritis that he had when he arrived on a volunteer transport to our home. It was clear he had learned to defend himself and hold his own and though he could barely walk his tail wagged and his bright little eyes shone with gratitude. We began treatment for his ailments and with medication his walking became easier though he will never run or jump. But that does not stop him from being one of the sweetest and happiest little guys I have ever met. His tail is always wagging and his eyes are always loving. I had been mourning the loss of my heart dog Roscoe and never thought I could love another dog in the same way. But Fergus found his way in to my heart in no time with his funny little ways which are a mix of fierce independence, tiny quick little kisses and a love for affection. Like most rescued dogs; he did the rescuing.

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