Fievel — Service

Location: Merrimack, New Hampshire

My dog Fievel was rescued from euthanized at 6 months, he got trained with the help of make a wish, he has helped me to be more independent, helping me up and down curbs and helps me prevent from falling I can easily fall whether sitting or walking, this is a photo of him with his vest on dating service dog, at college with me, supporting and helping me stay focus and with my balance, I was born with a rare genetic syndrome that is not well known that I can die from, When I got Fievel him and I had a bond and he was so sad being left behind My family doesn’t always have enough money for expensive things we are a family of 6 and my medical bills are high, Through make a wish they helped him get trained and he helps me to be more independent so I wouldn’t need my family help for certain things, He loves helping and is very good at his job, if your looking for a dog that’s a hero for service Fievel is the one he was saved in just the nick of time of 24hrs or he would be put down, not only that he’s one of the best friendly dog who just wants to be loved and pat by everyone even he helped family who had a long history of dog phobia, with Fievel they started to like dogs a little, some of them even got a dog them selves looking back without having Fievel they wouldn’t even considered getting a dog, Fievel was named after a childhood movie American Tale after the Mouse Fievel without knowing Fievel personality I already named him Fievel, He and the mouse Fievel has the same things,