Forest — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Harrisburg, North Carolina

Forest came along at a very critical time in my life. I had let the PTSD get control of my life, I was a POW and had gotten to the point where I just didn’t leave the house. Form the anxiety of not knowing all my surrounding, to the pain of everyday physical abilities. I waited almost 2 years for Forest to finish his training. My wife and I went to Wilmington NC to train with him for a week. Once I learned what Forest was capable of and the extra set of eyes to watch my back when leaving the house I started to regain control with him by my side.He watched my back when it was turned and would alert me when someone was approaching or near. He would walk around me to clear a perimeter when I started get anxious. He would know it was time for me to leave a situation before I knew myself that a attack was coming on.I have very vivid nightmares and Forest can wake me. In March of 2017 I needed to regain my Independence, I decided with Forest by my side I could hike the Appalachian trail, and we set out to do just that with what we could carry. At first we slept in a tent at night but it quickly took a toll on my back injuries from my capture. We then started sleeping in a two hammock tower every night. We hiked over 1300 miles together. He carried his own back pack with at least 3 days of food at a time. And I carried the rest. He made it all possible to regain control of my life and in turn be active in my family and children’s lives again.

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