Foxx — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Winter Garden, Florida

My boy is not an official service dog. However, when I returned from deployment as a Wounded Warrior in Kuwait (non-combat related injury), I was severely depressed due to leaving my fellow Soldiers behind and working along with severely injured Soldiers at Ft. Steward.

While running a charity 5K, I saw Foxx’s picture on a flyer from PetFinder. He was close by in a Georgia shelter and I went to see him the next morning as the shelter opened. When I went inside to see him, he was huddled in the back corner of the kennel shivering and not moving or making any type of eye contact. I decided to take a risk and ask to see him anyway.

They brought him out to the play area and he ran right up to me, jumped up on the bench I was sitting on, looked at me with big bright eyes and his puppy smile and might as well have said “Hello! I am coming home with you right?”

Well, it was a match made in Heaven. I took him back to the base and was going to take him home to show him off to my father. I called my dad and mom to tell them the great news! I was so excited to show him off…

My mother called me the next morning to tell me that my father had fallen at my house and was being rushed to the hospital. He died before I got home to see him.

Foxx rode next to me in the car as I raced from Ft. Stewart to Orlando. He kept looking at me as if to tell me “I am here for you… You rescued me, I am now here for you”.

Foxx has been by my side ever since.