Freddie Mercury — Shelter

Location: Glen Ellen, California

This is my dog, Freddie Mercury. I wake up each day with an immense amount of gratitude that she’s come into my life. She had a rough start at life, sustained some injuries that went untreated and was also born with physical deformities. She was left in a duffle bag under a car, found by a good Samaritan and surrendered to a shelter. The best part about Freddie is that she has no idea she’s any different from my other dogs nor does she hold any type of grudge to any of the humans from her past. She lives each day inspiring thousands of people on social media bringing positivity to their feeds. We go and visit schools to teach children that special need dogs are just as worthy of love and a home. We believe teaching kids at a young age how to properly treat a dog and show them love can make a more kind future. Freddie and I are here as a team to work together and inspire many generations to continue to choose adoption, especially for the ones who need the extra help.