Gabriel Quipua — Shelter

Location: CINCINNATI, Ohio

Gabriel Quipua came to us in 2017 as a 4 month old puppy healing from burn wounds and broken bones. Sadly, his wounds were to be believed human inflicted by being in a cage too small for him for days, even weeks. He was being fostered by a local rescue group and my husband heard of his story and wanted to adopt him. I felt this puppy would have so many issues that he would be hard to treat and he may always have health issues as he grew. But, my husband was persistent and we were lucky to be his forever home. Fortunately, other than some permanent scarring, Gabriel Quipua is a healthy, happy boy.
Fast forward a few months. Early one November morning, he wakes my husband up, licking his face and staring at him and tucking his tail. My husband wakes up, thinking his pup had to potty, but once he raised out of bed, realized something didn’t feel right. He couldn’t catch his breath, his hands began to go numb. He said “we need to go the the hospital, something isn’t right.” Once we were at the hospital, it was quickly discovered my husband was having a full on heart attack. The “widow maker” as it was. Luckily, we made it to the hospital in time and he made a full recovery.
If it was not for Gabriel Quipua waking my husband up in in those early morning hours, he would most likely not be here today. I would not have a husband, our son would not have a father. So in this way, Gabriel is a hero dog. He is my husband’s buddy, his life saver, his guardian angel.