Gabriel The Great — Shelter

Location: FORT MYERS, Florida

Rescued w/burns covering 60% of his body. Wounds were necrosed(dried,thick black&leathery).Bite wounds, dislocated hips,exposed muscle&bones,tendons;near death. Inflicted by the humans, who he loves unconditionally. Enduring severe pain&neglect from an owner who cared nothing about him,Gabe ESCAPED,picked up by AC. Returned to his owner,who sought no medical treatment. Days later Gabe’s owner reluctantly surrendered him.
Broken,defeated,a shell of a once beautiful dog,Gabe was rescued. He knew we wanted to help. Trusting us to provide care. Months of twice daily soaking&debridement to rid him of burnt,infected,necrotic tissue.
Gabriel didn’t lose his will to live&ability to forgive humans. Trusting his supporters,Gabe went home w/an area of raw flesh. Healing w/dressing changes,he was able to discover what LIFE as a loved&well cared for dog was all about. Flourishing,gaining weight&loving everyone.
His battle far from over, He had setbacks. His dressings had colorful buttons that anchored&stretched his skin until edges met for closure. Pictured above is this point in healing. He now has tissue expanders under his hip area to stretch skin. As expanders fill,Gabe is understanding. Soon the scars can be removed&close this chapter of life.
Gabriel The Great is a Hero because he has endured pain,abuse&neglect, no animal should experience. He’s the face of the dog that FIGHTS for the rights of every dog. Left with FURever scars,Gabriel LOVES!