Ginger — Service

Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Ginger was born October 5th 2014 under my friends camper in the mountains where I lived homeless outside of Red Bluff CA. I raised the puppies and kept her. Mother is Lilly Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix. Father is Jax Staffordshire Terrier/Mongolian Mastiff. When she was 7 months old I moved back into civilization with her, never kenneled her. It wasn’t needed and she just laid down and waited for me. Everyone realized at a young age how special Ginger was, you can visibly see thought process thru her actions. She is so pretty, everyone just loves her and she just loves everyone back! At 1 year old I could not stand to think if I went homeless again to happen to loose her, as I had to give up a few animals already. I got her trained as my service animal thru Capital City K9 under a grant from the Department of Defense. She breezed thru the training and became a very highly trained service animal. We then began our journey together, soon added my daughter Danica 6 who Ginger loves tremendously as I am an only parent a wonderful animal helps a lot. Ginger is extremely physical, she swims very powerfully, climbs trees, catches frisbee and sets it or anything directly in your palm as to not lean down and strain. The picture is located on Gold Camp Rd. near Fort Carson, CO my duty station and is one of the most peaceful serene locations in the US. This area was my escape my safe place in very hard times. Picture is also on her business card I made to spread her love.