Gracie — Shelter

Location: Rochester, New York

I went to a shelter to look for a dog after my dog Emma passed away. Gracie, who was called Marge by the shelter people, was laying in a cage looking very sad. She had been adopted by a man who didn’t want her at 4 months, so he took her to the shelter, and said to the shelter people, just take her. The folks brought her in to see me, and she came right to me wagging her tail and showing me her toys. My heart melt. I wasn’t planning on bringing a dog home just because I felt guilty after Emma. Didn’t want people thinking I was trying to replace her. Gracie did come home with me that same evening, and slept with me the first night. She has been my constant companion while I’m home. She also loves my 8 cats. Funny how she fit right in as quickly as she did. At the time, I didn’t think I could have another dog that made me happy after losing Emma. Gracie sure has come through for me. I’m lucky to have her.

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