Gretchen — Shelter

Location: Emory, Texas

Gretchen arrived at Pound Pals when her elderly owner entered a nursing home. According to her previous owner, “Gretchen fell down a flight of stairs, injured her back and then broken her legs” in separate incidents. Unfortunately, none of the injuries were treated. In addition to these claims, Gretchen had dental disease so severe that her jaw and nose are deformed and she has a GI disorder that requires daily medication. Pound Pals provides forever foster homes and life long medical care for senior pets like Gretchen. Although she is a special needs pet, Gretchen doesn’t let her medical issues get her down. She is super happy and has a zest for life. Every day is a new adventure which she looks forward to. Gretchen is sharing her story in hopes that it encourages others to take a closer look at discarded senior pets who have long term medical needs. With proper vet care, patience and lots of love, handicapped senior pets make wonderful loving companions. If we were to draw a photo of Gretchen, it would be a great big heart because she is all heart. This sweet disabled senior Dachshund loves life and everyone she meets. Gretchen says, “Woof !!” Please visit your local shelter and adopt an overlooked senior or special needs pet today !!

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