Gryffin — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Essex, Massachusetts

Gryffin is a natural seizure alert dog. He was not trained by a company but has a natural ability to alert when seizures occur.
In 2007 he alerted my family of seizures I was having in my sleep. With out him they would have gone unnoticed and could have caused death. He would bark and wake my family so they could call an ambulance. My seizures were not stopped with medication and I had to have brain surgery. Since surgery in 2011 I have had only one minor seizure that Gryffin woke me from.
He is a healing dog and takes to those with illness. My mom found him at a breeder where he was already full grown and following her around the kennel. The owner said that he had been returned to them twice and wasn’t friendly with anyone. Seeing how he took to my Mom the breeder said “That’s your dog”. she took him home and a couple years later we discovered my mom had stage 4 breast cancer. I think Gryffin sensed this in my Mom, who passed a year after I started having seizures. At this point I had Gryffin; my guardian angel from my Mom. Without him I may not be here.
I no longer have seizure but struggle with severe depression. When I’m suffering Gryffin lays on my chest for comfort and if I’m really low he will bark until I get out of bed. Forcing me to engage in active, bringing my mood up.
He is not just a Hero but a life saver and guardian angel.

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