Guiding Eyes Sis — Guide / Hearing

Location: Lady Lake, Florida

I still have the letter from the doctor. The one that details my visual history, calling my circumstances “unfortunate” and classifies me as “legally blind”. I tried my hardest to do all the things I did before, take back my life. But shortly after going back to work, I started to realize that even in the most familiar places, I became paralyzed with fear. Fear of getting lost. Fear of a harsh reality. And when that fear and those emotions became too much to handle, I knew I needed a soft place to fall. I found that soft place in the paws of my first guide dog. As I traded in finding every lamp post, pothole, and oblivious pedestrian with my cane for my own personal linebacker who is always looking for the opening to slide past people and around trip and fall hazards, my life began to change. With my current Guiding Eyes dog, Sis, I became adventurous. I found my voice and my confidence. I don’t stare at the floor any more. I look to what lies ahead. I don’t avoid crowds. I blend into them and no longer get pity stares. With my Guiding Eyes dog by my side, I have become just another face in the crowd who has met and exceeded her own expectations. I proudly own my circumstances because I now have circumstances worth owning. My blindness can make me bitter or better and when I take Sis’s harness in my hand and together we move through the challenges and triumphs of life. It’s in these that I find my biggest personal growth. All because of my hero, my Guiding Eyes Sis.

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