Gunnar — Emerging Hero

Location: Strum, Wisconsin
Gunnar was hit by a truck in February of 2014. He was rendered a paraplegic. We had a hard time funding his wheelchair after the extensive veterinary bills and rehab costs. We realized that there was a need for wheelchairs for these animals for shelters, rescues, and people that had fallen on hard times and could not afford to provide a wheelchair for their furry friend. We started Gunnar’s Wheels, a non-profit that provides these wheelchairs for these animals. Our first cart went out in August of 2016, and to date, we have almost 80 wheelchairs around the country and even Canada, helping these animals out. Gunnar”s wheels is a lifetime loaner program that is absolutely free for the dog and owner for the lifetime of the pet. When the animal crosses the rainbow bridge or recovers, the cart is sent back to us, and is then matched up with another recipient. We are partnered with three major manufacturers of these wheelchairs. Gunnar’s accident, while tragic, will benefit many animals in need in the future. We have a Go-fund-me link under Gunnar’s wheels, and a facebook page, Gunnar’s wheels if you would like to see the work that we are doing around the country.