Gypsy Rose Navarre — Service

Charity Partner: America's Vet Dogs
Location: Red Rock, Texas

I came upon Gypsy as a rescue at the Lockhart Animal Shelter. She was very tiny, but immediately came to me, wanting to be held. I took her home the following Monday. She was about 6 weeks old according to the vet. She woke me one night when my glucose was very low. I woke up, and did a finger stick and my level was 67. She look at me, would not leave my side and I went and got a glass of juice. I fell asleep a short time with her right by my side. Over the next few months, she was very intune to what was happening when the episodes would occur, she would jump in my lap and lick my face, even before I began to notice that something was wrong. We talked to a therapy group that told us she would need a few weeks to perfect her skills and she would have to qualify. She was such a natural that she had all the tests passed in one day. She has not left my side except for when people and companies stand in our way. I have lost jobs because of Gypsy, she is not the norm, so therefore she is not allowed to be with me, when she has been denied for whatever reason, I either end up losing the job, or am forced to quit because I have had an episode that has turned into an emergency. I will no longer hide. She makes me feel safe and confident, and I am very protective of her and the way that she is treated. I stand up for her and she protects me. She truly is my guardian angel. Thank you Gypsy, I Love You.