Gyro — Service

Charity Partner: America's Vet Dogs
Location: Reno, Nevada

I have had Gyro since our Graduation on June 18, 2016. I have a problem with Balance. Gyro came from Freedom Service Dogs in the Denver CO area. They matched us up and we are still getting to know each other. My Dog is my Hero. One day no one was home and we went out side and I decided to walk up the deck steps and he was just behind me. Well I lost my Balance and fell and Gyro came over to help me get up. He had gone and picked up a plastic deck table and placed it on my other side so I had him and the table. I finally got to my knees, then he stayed and braced while holding onto both of them and after an hour we got up onto my feet. This is not the only time he had saved me but it is the most recent. I have a Spinal injury and I have had 2 strokes and I am blind in 1 eye and he keeps me out of traffic and of course running into people. Gyro is the best thing that I could have received. My hero, my friend and my partner until the end. I am going into the Hospital soon for spine and back surgery and GYRO will be at my side even if I can’t walk again. He and I just need to find someone to help us with a remodel of our bathroom so he and I can take a bath. Of course one thing at a time. He’s real big and a great helper. Thank you for reading this. If he wins or not he will always be my HERO.