Hades — Service

Location: Kernersville, North Carolina

Hades is my life saver every day. I have very serious mental and physical disabilities and having him by my side helps me get thru the day. About a month ago I was laying in bed and started struggling to breathe and my chest was feeling funny. He started barking and nudging me and laid his paw on my chest. We went to the ER and as it turns out I was suffering from a cardiac episode that could’ve caused my heart to fail. If I had ignored him or been asleep or not had him with me I likely would not be here to even write this today.
It doesn’t matter what we do or dont do he is always faithfully by my side. Hes a goofy dog and I’m so glad I chose him out of all the other puppies. We may or may not win this but no matter what Hades is my hero dog and life saver and always will be.