Hank — Shelter

Location: Throop, Pennsylvania

This is my little survivor “Hank” or as I have renamed him “Hanky”. I recently adopted him from a local shelter at the age of 14. He came from a rough situation and no one knows the exact story, but from what I heard he was found running on a country road near a popular pumpkin patch on Halloween. Halloween also happens to be Hanky’s birthday, sad right? He had lung worm, was severely matted, & underweight. When they brought him back to the shelter…he ended up having a seizure. With being 14 they didn’t think he would make it the night…but he did. He is missing a toothe on the bottom & drags his backlags (we aren’t sure why) so he waddles a long. When I first saw him in person he looked so different than his picture. His hair was now cut short, he looked very raggidy and like he just needed love. I looked into his cataract filled eyes & knew I was now his forever home & he would be safe. Despite all he’s been through he is so loving, so mild mannered, so fearless, and he may be only a little guy but he takes on any challenge he encounters. Hanky never lets anything get the best of him and he gives me new strength to take on each day. I wanted to nominate him not because he has done something super extraordinary like saving a life or finding a bomb but because he is a survivor. He defied all odds & over 2 months later is doing fantastic. I’ll never know what his life was before me, but I do know that he has brought more happiness to a lot of people’s lives. Never give up.

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