Hannah — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Magnolia, Texas

I first met Hannah when she was 9 months old. She spent those first 9 months in a crate in a dark garage. It was love at first sight and I thought perhaps she could someday (in my mind a long way off) be my service dog. Once home, it was obvious she had some emotional baggage to overcome. She didn’t want to come in when I let her out (understandable given her upbringing), so I would put peanut butter on my coffee table and wait. She would come in and I would close the door and praise her. I spent a lot of time on the floor with her just loving on her. It took about 3 months for her to understand she was safe and loved. During that time I was also working on her basic obedience–and she learned quickly. Thankfully, her intelligence and willingness to work helped in task training. By the time she was 18 months old, I began needing her help and she stepped up to the task. I was concerned about our first airplane trip. She was less nervous than I and boarded the plane for our 4 hour ride like she had been doing it her whole life. In 2015 I became totally disabled due to my fibromyalgia. Hannah provides a lifeline for me. I am still able to participate in life because of her. She is a beloved visitor at the quilt shops I go to. I thank God everyday for the blessings she brings to my life.

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