Harley — Shelter

Location: New Rochelle, New York

Harley, is a lab/Shepherd mix. I adopted her in North Little Rock, AR, from the shelter. Her previous owners left her there because they were moving. She had just turned a year old, and I wanted my beagle Honey to have a four legged sister or brother to keep her company. The minute we met was amazing she had so much personality, very playful and very vocal lol!
Both my girls got along great but Honey was more into sleeping while Harley was more into playing so I said I need a 4 legged companion for Harley, I drove 8 hours to pick up Hercules from a shelter in Mississippi, of course when they met Harley was a tad jealous and well Hercules was only 9 months old he is a Red Bone/ Shepherd mix, it took 2 weeks before all three were inseparable. Harley is the alpha of the pack, ..she is my beautiful warrior, in 2015 …my baby girl was diagnosed with Cancer, my world crumbled …but I made her a promise we would fight this together! She had 2 surgeries and neither one fazed her, she was stronger than ever, she gave me strength to keep fighting to help her survive. My princess has been in remission since 2015, and she showed me so much, strength, courage, she is my hero because of the amount of strength she had during both procedures and she still is living life happy and strong! We kicked Cancers butt! That is why she is my hero.

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