Harris — Shelter

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

WARRIOR is the word used to describe Harris, but he is also an inspiration to many. After a Good Samaritan found Harris on the side of a highway, he was brought to the shelter. Harris was emaciated and near certain death, but he just refused to give up. The vet staff put in a feeding tube and wound care drains, but they were not even cautiously optimistic for his recovery. A request for prayers was put out over Facebook. Maybe it was the prayers or Harris’s warrior spirit that helped him rally. Even after developing pneumonia, he fought to live. It took 10 days before Harris began to eat, 11 days to drink, and 27 days to walk independently. To see Harris go from lying unresponsive to hopping in the yard brought tears to my eyes. He has taught me the true meaning of determination and hope. Harris’s story of overcoming difficult odds has inspired people all over the world. People have reached out to the shelter to support Harris and other animals in need, not only with prayers but also donations. His remarkable recovery just highlights his personality and purpose. His will to live is a true testament to defying the odds and honoring a second chance at life. He loves just snuggling up next to me and his people. Although Harris is still battling some medical issues due to the extreme neglect and abuse he suffered, he is one strong and sassy dog. To the world he might be a WARRIOR, but to me he is momma’s sweet baby boy – the love of my life – who brings joy to all.