Heltie: Sindecade Croisè des Deux Sabres — Service

Location: Waldorf, Maryland

After suffering some heath problems that were causing me to faint and become generally weak my doctors recommended a service dog. I had trained a few service dogs for others but never thought I would come to need a Service Dog for myself. After several incidents of fainting and scaring my family I started to search for a prospect. I found an amazing Malinois that started alerting me by the 3rd day of scent training and when she was 5 months old started alerting me to low blood sugar. I haven’t fainted without prior notice since. I had become trapped in my home because it was unsafe for me to drive. I had to give up my high school teaching career. I was in and out of the hospital. Heltie changed a lot of that for me. I drive myself to most of my appointments and I’ve been able to take on training another service dog for a child with autism and CP. I’m back in the classroom as a substitute teacher with Heltie by my side. The schools we work in are supportive, kind and very happy to see us. She is a fantastic service dog consistent in her tasks that keep me on my feet in my most important role as a mom & wife. Before Heltie started to work for me I missed my son’s games, couldn’t get up in the morning to cook and get him off to school. Now Heltie helps me be able to make breakfast, lunch and get my son to school and we went to almost all of his games this year. Heltie is a hero and it is a big deal that my family can leave me alone and know I’ll be alive when they get back.