Henry — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Goatlandia
Location: Columbia, Tennessee

Our dog Henry followed us home from the park one day, he was @ 4 1/2 mo. Old . Per our vet , Henry had been born in the wild & never socialized till that point he followed us. Due to this, he & we had our challenges. He has socialized beautifully though always with baggage : nervous, shakey, & horribly apprehensive at a moments notice. On Nov. 4, 2016 while in the park walking & running with Jim, Henry had his chance to shine. While running down a steep hill, Jim jumped over a ditch, landed hard & broke his leg. They were off a bit from foot traffic , Jim could barely move & realized after trying that he could not crawl at all. He used Henry’s leash to make a splint & was trying to just hold him by the collar. A car drove down the road nearby . They were out of sight of the driver. Henry took off running , ran circles around the car barking like crazy but for some reason the car didn’t stop. To Jim’s relief Henry ran back up to him. A little later a good distance away Henry spotted a group walking & took off again barking ,running circles around them , then back up to Jim around him then back to the group & around them until they got the message that Jim needed help badly . They made it up to Jim, called 911 & the ambulance came. All thanks to Henry who over came his fears & saved the day & possibly his papa’s life.

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