Henry — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pet Partners
Location: Placentia, California

Henry has always been a special dog. He came from a litter of eleven. He was given to us from a friend from work who wanted to find good homes for these pups. I had retired shortly after Henry came into our home. Before Henry, I had never had the time to properly train my dogs. At 6 months old, I took Henry to his first “beginning puppy” training. What a day that was. Henry was all over the place. He wouldn’t sit. He wouldn’t stay still. WE were a mess. My patience was wearing thin and Henry knew it. The trainer suggested we try a new collar set up. Well……it worked like a charm. Henry became a stellar student and our training was off and running. At two years old he passed his CGC test and Therapy dog test. He also passed his Urban CGC and Community CGC and became a registered AKC Advanced Therapy Dog. Soon after that he became a certified Animal Assisted Crisis Response Dog with the HOPE AACR. He is also a Peer Support Dog for the Orange County Sheriffs Department in California. Henry has come a long way since that first day in puppy training. I’m always amazed at Henrys intuition during visits. He seems to be able to assess the situation and adapt accordingly. Normally Henry is not allowed on beds. This is due to his size (95 lbs). But during a hospice visit, I could tell he wanted on the patients bed. So I let him climb up on the bed with this patient. Henry gently laid his head on the patients chest and lovingly gave him soft licks.