Hodor Von Lyndhurst III — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Lyndhurst, New Jersey

Hodor saved his own life and the life of another dog. Unfortunately Hodor lost his right rear leg. Sometime in February 2016 Hodor chewed his way out of the shed that his previous owners kept him and another dog in and escaped the property. He was found by police and animal control limping down a major highway. Hodor had a horrific injury to his right rear leg, most likely an untreated dog bite that was infected. Hodor was also emaciated. He was scanned for a chip and the information from the chip led back to his owners address. Another dog was found emaciated, living in the shed that Hodor had escaped from. Both dogs were seized by ACO. It was determined that Hodor’s leg could not be saved due to gangrene and it was amputated the next morning. He would not have survived another day or two in that shed. His previous owners were changed with cruelty and neglect. Sometimes you have to save yourself and in the case of Hodor Von Lyndhurst III you save the dog that bit you too.