Hooch — Therapy

Location: Dallas, Georgia

Little Hooch is a male Dogue De Bourdeaux,for the past two years little Hooch has been an excellent Therapy Dog volunteering with kids with Autism and terminal illnesses, also loves to volunteer to disabled veterans facilities and gets tons of love and belly scratches.Little Hooch also loves to run 5K with kids for fundraising events, and loves to be part of the LGBT parade every year in Atlanta . In this picture Little Hooch it’s taking instructions before we get ready to go volunteering to a public event and bring people together trough his unique personality and big smile. I think little Hooch deserves the opportunity to be the next American Hero Dog 2019 ,just because his physical appearance and size it’s been a big factor for Hooch to be accepted to public events,facilities,parks,pet stores etc.But when he shows how gentle he is with kids,seniors an people in general, they rush to love him,pet him,get slobbery kisses , and of course a picture with Hooch it’s a must. There’s something very special about Hooch…” In the moment he walks in the room, you can sense a change in the atmosphere”, he can put a smile on your face and if you had a bad day.. he will lift your spirit. Little Hooch deserves to be the next American Hero Dog because ,Hooch doesn’t represents just one breed or just one race.. Little Hooch represents ALL.

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