Ike Talini — Shelter

Location: Elmira Heights, New York

My mom is Combat Camera for the U.S. Army, she deployed to Iraq in 2017. While living and working with the Coalition she met a tiny dirty, clumsy puppy living on a Peshmerga camp. She loved all people and used to run to greet the convoys every morning often tripping on the way. With a lot of help from the Coalition and Puppy Rescue Mission my mom was able to bring Erby of Iraq to the U.S. and Erby became part of her family and became her best friend. Erby was an Akbash who loved life and made everyone she met smile and laugh. My mom decided to get her teeth cleaned one day as a routine procedure to help prevent heart disease. My mom loved her very much. Erby of Iraq never work up. My mom was devastated. If Erby has a legacy it is that she brought people from different countries and different walks of life together. One of Erby’s Instagram followers who my mom had never met before reached out to her and told her of a young male Akbash living on a farm not too far from her who was in need of a good home. My mom had previously decided that when she was ready she would adopt another Akbash to honor Erby’s life because she had never even heard of an Akbash before she met Erby. The second my mom saw a photo of my face she sprang into action and made a two hour road trip to meet me. I lost my first family and I was sad even though I was being treated very well on the farm I was living on. I am not Erby, and I never will be, but we are helping each other with our sadness. – Ike