Indy — Service

Location: Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Indy came to me as a 5 week old puppy with a minor leg injury. Our service dog at that time was ageing and Indy had relatives that were good alert dogs. So we started raising him and training him. At 7 months old we realised he was trying to tell me my blood sugars were high. We taught him a consistent alert. We then trained him to alert to my severe food allergens. We continued obedience classes and public access training. As Indy grew and learned he also started comforting my clients and patients at my veterinary practice. Three years ago in Jan 2017 Indy started nuzzling and licking a growth on the inside of my elbow. I had it removed at my next dermatology appointment it was skin cancer. A few months later Indy switched his blood sugar alert from my chin to my right temple. We didn’t know why but each alert he was always right and my blood sugar was above 185. Previously he had alerted to blood sugars over 210. In Feb 2019 I started having ear issues and severe vertigo. After treating the ear infection, the vertigo did not resolve. I followed up with my ENT. He did a big series of tests. Ordered an MRI. On the MRI I diagnosed myself with a brain tumor. Indy had switched his alert to where the tumor was. It was his insistence and increasing anxiety that pushed the ENT to get the MRI. In the days before surgery he was more and more anxious. After my surgery he sniffed my temple then laid down and slept calm and peaceful. His alerts are back at my chin. He saved my life