Issac — Service

Location: King George, Virginia

Hi, my name is Issac and my Mom tells me everyday that I am the best service dog ever! She loves my smile and sparkle and that makes me very happy.
We were meant to be a team. I know this because our bond is unbreakable. Our stories of 24 hours brought us together and unites us in the power of second chances. I was surviving on the streets as a stray. Once at the shelter, I was scheduled to be euthanized within 24 hours because nobody wanted to adopt me. Luckily, Canines for Veterans rescued me and I started training with the Marines at Camp Lejeune.
My Mom, retired Army Captain Leslie Nicole Smith, was placed on imminent death status with 24 hours to live from losing her left leg below the knee after serving in Bosnia, but the doctors fought to save her.
Together we learned how your life can change for the better in just one day and to never quit. After becoming legally blind as well, my Mom said we were brought together for a reason, for a purpose bigger than ourselves. To not only support each other through the dark times, but to show others love and to spread the empowering message that life is worth living, no matter what the odds or challenges you may be facing, and to always believe in yourself.
I taught her to stay positive, have courage, and to make the most of each day, and to remember that you are always a “day away” from turning your life around if you never give up hope!