Issac — Service

Charity Partner: America's Vet Dogs
Location: King George, Virginia

A hero brings light to your darkest days and lifts you up.

I am retired Army Captain Leslie Nicole Smith and Issac is my service dog. This is our story.

From hardships as a stray, Issac was unruly and battered when placed in a shelter. He was 24 hours from euthanasia when rescued for training by Marines at Camp Lejeune.

From my military service, I lost my left leg and became legally blind. I was 24 hours from imminent death when doctors saved me at Walter Reed.

Meeting Issac, we bonded immediately and he forever changed my life; giving me freedom and independence.

After my vision loss, he intuitively understood my eyes were different. As I cried from emotional pain, Issac gently licked away my tears. Right at that moment, I knew my hero would never leave my side.
From his instincts, Issac naturally adjusted to my challenging needs gifting me with renewed hope, courage and confidence. He taught me to believe in myself again.

We were both given second chances at life, and ultimately we healed each other.

Our connection demonstrates how one day can make a positive difference. I can not imagine my life without Issac as he gives me a reason to make each day the best it can be and for that Issac is our American Hero Dog!