Jackie Chan — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Milwaukie, Oregon

Jackie Chan was rescued from (and named by) the Oregon Humane Society after we were victims of a violent home assault. I was having panic attacks, other PTSD symptoms, and so much trouble being alone after the assault and kidnapping attempt that Jackie Chan went everywhere with me. My counselor suggested he was so in tune with me, he should be evaluated and trained as my PTSD service dog. We did so with a private trainer. Jackie Chan has given me my life back, helping me finish my doctorate and work as we travel across the US training educators in Social Justice for the National Education Association, and teach English to newly immigrated families. We attend local charity, civic, and art events. He has inspired and comforted other people as well. We visit my mom at a senior living facility, as well as schools, so I went through Animal Assisted Therapy Classes with him too. In 2015, Jackie Chan almost died and was diagnosed with Mega-esophagus from acquired Mystenia Gravis. He lives on a special diet & Bailey chair, and is still my hero PTSD dog, going into action if he recognizes he needs to perform tasks to keep me from emotional overload. As a hero not only to me, he brings joy to students learning English, inspiring them to learn sentences so they can talk to him and about him. As a hero to all, his presence with me opens dialog about ableism, professionals with service dogs, mental health, accommodations, & invisible disabilities.

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