Jackson — Shelter

Location: Richmond, Kentucky

Jackson was found abandoned on a coal mine in Eastern Kentucky in January 2018. When he was found, he was freezing from the cold weather and was extremely malnourished. The Kentucky Regional Animal Shelter took him in, and he was placed with a foster home until he could find a forever home.
At this same time, I was away at college (in my own apartment), and I was battling anxiety. Due to this, I had begun to search for the right dog for me. I had visited the local PetSmart, but my heart didn’t truly catch on fire for any of the dogs that I met. But one day, my mother tagged me in a post on Facebook. The post was about how Jackson, a scruffy, skinny dog, needed a home. One look at that dog and I didn’t even hesitate — I immediately messaged the foster parent and asked about adopting him.
I officially adopted Jackson on February 10, 2018. At first, things were difficult. We believe that Jackson experienced abuse, so he has a bit of anxiety as well. But over time, he grew to trust me. Now, we are inseparable. Jackson is registered as an Emotional Support Animal, and he truly does great work as one. When I begin to feel overcome by anxiety, Jackson is there, wagging his tail or snuggling up beside me. When I’m crying, Jackson will lay his head on my lap.
A dog who had been completely abandoned found a home, and I have found a home with him.

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