Jake Peralta — Shelter

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Having a rough start in life would break most humans, but for dogs, their ability to adapt and give and receive love knows no bounds.

Jake Peralta, named for his loveable, goofy personality but ability to get down to business when needed was formerly known as White Boy. He was picked up by Animal Control when neighbors complained about a white dog in an area with abundant strays was chasing cats. I can guarantee you as my cat naps on his back, it wasn’t him.

Thrown into isolation, White Boy wasn’t given much of a shot but I had seen him before and knew he was special. While campaigning for a foster, I fell in love. He was so patient, gentle, smart, obedient and a huge goof!

I ended up fostering him around the time I was injured at work. He picked up on tasks quickly and was very treat motivated (who isn’t?).

During a seizure, he alerted my boyfriend at the time and then came to stand by my side and wait for “foster mom” to recover. Well as if the deal hadn’t already been sealed, he officially became part of the family – and went on to become my service dog.

Jake brings joy to everyone he meets. Whether army crawling with kids, leaning in for pets when allowed, or just snuggling with me after an exhausting day, he knows exactly what you need and it makes him happy to help. I could not love this dog more. He deserves the world.