Jammer — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Secondhand Hounds
Location: VALRICO, Florida

Jammer is a certified therapy dog, and over the past 3 years we’ve spent time visiting with a young autistic boy as well as gone on numerous Assisted Living Facility visits. I own a clinic in Brandon FL, and Jammer also comes to work each day greeting and visiting with clients as they wait to take a drug test. He always seems to know when someone could use a dog to pet or hug to brighten their day. In fact, I have people that come by my office just to visit the dog. Jammer also loves to help me-carrying in the newspaper, mail, and anything else I let him. Although he is still a certified therapy dog, I feel he is really more of an emerging hero. In December 2016 Jammer was diagnosed with a sarcoma in his right lateral triceps muscle. He had surgery to remove the bulk of the mass, as well as 19 radiation treatments. The process was long and painful for him, but he recovered 100% and continued back to work both at my office as well as his ALF visits. We even ran a 4k for paws together last summer and took 1st place in our age group. Unfortunately, this past October cancer has struck again. He had an emergency splenectomy, and was diagnosed with Hermangio Sarcoma, a very deadly form of cancer. We are continuing to fight through homeopathic means., and he has been an amazing patient. This dog has been through so much, yet he continues to give so much unconditional love to me and everyone around him. He is a real hero to me.

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