Jane — Shelter

Location: Encino, California

Jane is my Bailey as in the movie “A Dog’s Purpose.” In it, Dennis Quad’s character, Ethan, has a beloved dog, Bailey, who is reincarnated a few times throughout the film and is the emotional focal point of the story. Well, I feel that my precious Jane was sent to me bearing that kind of aura–if not the soul!–of a treasured German Shepherd puppy I once fostered, died from parvo. I was heartsick then…but Jane has come into my life and has helped to light up my heart again.

I found Jane as a 4-month old stray wandering around downtown Los Angeles. I fostered her and I tried valiantly to find her owners, by posting flyers, spreading the word among the dog community, and using social media. But, no luck, she became a part of the family. At that time, I was studying to become a certified dog trainer at the Aninal Behavior College. Obviously, Jane became his first “volunteer” student! I knew that Jane would make a wonderful therapy dog, as “she has a calm and patient temperament and loves children and kittens.” She also enjoys having jobs–and has been a rock star at agility class and is even good at herding sheep. Jane was sent from heaven. She also has been a vital asset in my life with health issues as a stroke survivor and managing both diabetes and high blood pressure. She is my lifeline.

Sadly, Jane has developed lymphoma. She is being cared for at the Veterinary Cancer Group in Los Angeles since December 2019 but remarkably in remission since Feb 2020.