Jasmine Taylor Kostner — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pet Partners
Location: cooper city, Florida

Hello my name is Kim Kostner,
Id like to introduce you a 7 year old jack Russell mix name jasmine Taylor Kostner. I’m writing to you because I wanted to tell you a little bit about her. Well it all started when I Was at a local bank when I notice that jasmine was taken to children Jasmine saw the little baby and jumped into the ladies car and sat down and gave the baby a kiss on the hand. right there I knew then that I knew jasmine was special. she was telling me tat she wanted to make children smile and so I knew that was it she. her job was to become a therapy dog. then one day I was sick and I ended up being in the hospital because of my heart. yes I’m a heart defect savior. At that time I could not bring jasmine to see me when I was sick because she was certified yet. when I was sick the nurses would called down the the volunteer office for a dog to come and see me. So I promised that jasmine will became a therapy dog and will come and visit. So I kept my word. In 2013 jasmine became a therapy dog. We started our 1st job at a local hospital called holly memorial hospital. Jasmine and I started out visiting with adults with heart deffect. every week I would dress jasmine up in different outfits. Every week we would go and see the adults. Jasmine would always have a smile on her face. she doesn’t just make the patient smile she the nurses smile too. jasmine also visits children too with cancer and heart defects too. jasmine makes every smile all the time.