Jasper — Service

Location: Columbus, Ohio

I adopted Jasper from the shelter when he was only 4 months old with all intentions of training him to be my next Service Dog. Over the past 2 1/2 years he has proven that he has what it takes and has made my life soo much easier. I am no longer afraid to go to the store or out in public. As a team we have worked very hard together and recently completed Central Ohio Service Dogs test and he passed with flying colors, “with flying colors” being our trainers exact words. In public he stays close to my side giving me constant reminders that he is there by rubbing against my leg while walking, leaning against me or putting his head in the bend of my knee if standing in line or standing still. When he is put in a down stay he will put himself in a position where he can best see anyone approaching me because I do not handle being around people well, much less be taken by surprise by a stranger. If I “zone out” in public he will tug on me just enough to keep me aware of my surroundings.

By far I think his favorite thing to do is DPT and at times I wont even realize what is going on until he is already on me and licking my face to bring me out of a panic/anxiety attack. Randomly throughout each day he checks on me, giving me a little lick on the cheek or by making his grumbling noise until I acknowledge him letting him know that either I am okay or that I need his help. He adds to my quality of life everyday, he is an invaluable part of my life that I could not be without.