Javelin Cash — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pilots N Paws
Location: Nashvillev, Tennessee

I adopted Javelin from the Nashville Humane Society on July 10,2017 . I’m a walker /runner/joker and a senior , my children and grans started pushing me to get another dog , I’d lost my dog 4 years ago and was still grieving over her. I’d also started isolating myself from society and was spending all my time alone , running trail and walking alone. I was starting to find it difficult to communicate with others and that was unusual for me as I had been a running coach for several years and ran with large groups of people. Bringing another dog into my life meant interacting with other people , pretty scary thought . Adopting Javelin was emotional for me since I didn’t know if I still knew how to care for a dog or if I was going to fail her , once I got her home and her leash on her and took her out for a walk my anxiety wasn’t as high as it was without her , although I’d tell neighbors she’s a good dog ( Javelin is a ABT/Dal mix with maybe Boxer not sure) the big thing for me is to watch us both grow , my fear of being odd is less and my pride in my dog is over the moon. When we are hiking trails ,Javelin has develop this tendency to watch out for me , she alert me of roots and loose rock as I’m descending hills ,she will look back at me to make sure I’m ok , brings a huge smile to my face . She moves in close to me when I’ll starting to feel depression and when that awful anxiety starts a flare up , I reach out and touch her and rub my hands on her my world is better now .

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