Jax — Shelter

Location: Surprise, Arizona

I rescued Jax from a shelter in state of CO. He has been in a cage since life and abused . When I first got him , he didn’t even know his name besides nobody’s sure about his age or breed . Since I’ve had him he learned to sit , lay and come with lots of treats to influence him . He’s potty trained most of the time . I’m a widow , my husband died of military connection , I also have General Connection tissue syndrome and asthma, so I have lots of bad days . When I cry he gives me lots of kisses and hugs , which helps wipes the tears away of my sadness. When I’m in pain he lays near me and the heat of his body really helps with my pain . He watches over me when I’m in the bath tub or hot tub . He’s very protective over me but not a mean dog at all! I have asthma I’m hoping he will learn to get my inhaler for me in time , I’m looking into training as soon as I can afford it. Jax in picture is sitting on the bed by me when I wasn’t feeling well. I think he deserves this title because He’s a special dog that’s had a hard life and he is so caring and loving , always trying to please . Even if he doesn’t win Jax is my hero dog that keeps watching over me with his funny ears and personality that makes me happy everyday.