Jax — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Gulf Coast Humane Society
Location: Panama City, Florida

Jax was a rescue as a puppy from our local shelter. He is part hound and whippet, grey hound. Jax has a nose for alerting us of danger. He has saved our lives many times while being outside in the yard or while walking him. Jax can smell a poisonous snake in the yard or while walking him and each time he alerts us of the danger. The snake is so close to us that we don’t see it until Jax starts his barking and we spot the snake. Jax also alerts us when someone is outside our house and his smell for unidentified humans lerking around. Jax is a 46 pound baby but his smell for danger or awareness is outstanding, when it comes to our safety. I am so blessed to have found this very unique dog, he loves to sit on the couch, very particular of how he sits. Jax is part of our family and we love him dearly. He loves to give us hugs and I mean strong hugs, Jax is our best friend for life.

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