Jazmin — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Fate, Texas
Jazmin is the best Shih-tuz I have ever known. She was born in a Humane Society Shelter, when she came up for adoption I wanted her. I also knew it’s best if the dog picks you so I went in where she was and she instantly picked me. I was so happy that it worked out perfectly, little did I know she would save my Life not once or twice but five times due to my Autism, depression, anxiety, and many other disabilities. I was severely bullied in High school to the point of Suicidal thoughts. Jazmin helped me recognize that and made sure I went to my mom to get the help I needed. Since then Jazmin has been and still to this very day helping me get through each day and night from the added PTSD I have since a car accident last March. She helps get my mind off worrying, anxiety, pain and helps me have as normal a life as possible.
Jazmin has saved my life, been there when I needed to talk, since I have I hard time speaking to family or friends of more personal things, she’s always there for me. Jazmin has saved my mother’s life also, she comes and gets me when something is going wrong with my mom if I have not noticed and taken the care she needs. My mom has had two strokes and has many other health problems as well. My middle brother attempted to take his life about 2 years ago. Jazmin acted the way if something was wrong with my mom but she and I were okay, so I got to my brothers and found him just in time for Medical people to save him.