Jazz — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Lakeway, Texas

Jazz went from being a abandoned shelter dog to becoming the best service dog anyone could ask for. She wasn’t bred to be a service dog like most are, but was found on a rainy night and taken to a shelter where they thought she could be so much more. She was evaluated by a trainer from Service Dogs Inc, who spend most of their time going all over texas to shelters looking for dogs who have the potential to be trained to provide help free of charge for people who have disabilities. I have Parkinson’s Disease and luckily was one of the people they picked to receive a dog free and was matched with Jazz. There could never be enough words to describe how blessed I am to have Jazz as my partner. I spent hours often with broken bones lying on the floor waiting for someone to come home after falling. Now I have Jazz that walks beside me, braces herself against me when I seem wobbly and runs and gets a special tie to pull me up when I fall. She is always on the ready waiting and watching in case I need something. She has pulled my chair backwards out of tight places when I was stuck, brought my walker to me, opened the door for me and even learned to drop a life jacket in the swimming pool when she thought I needed it. I have never seen anything like her. She seems to anticipate my every move. She has big brown eyes that look at you and touch your soul. She is my hero and my best friend.

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