Jessie — Guide / Hearing

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Jessie is more than a guide dog which is in itself an awesome responsibility. He keeps his mom safe in their daily travels where ever they go, and they go a lot! Jessie also serves as ambassador, constantly educating the sighted community about service dogs, especially guide dogs. He frequently goes into schools, hospitals, nursing homes, businesses, etc. and assists his mom with a much needed “Sensitivity & Awareness” program. He’s such a handsome fellow and folks are always wanting to pet him, despite the sign on his harness handle. Frequently his mom will explain how petting him could be distracting to him as she removes his harness to allow him to be petted. This proves to be an effective tool in their quest to educate. Jessie also has a unique spiritual side which was demonstrated in Charlotte as he accompanied his mom during her certification training as a Study Leader for the UMW. His instinctive compassion towards those who seemed to be emotionally distressed earned him the title, “Pastor Jessie”. He also has a way of easing the realities of life as he offers his very own kind of consolation to other jurors when something really disturbing is being discussed in the Grand Jury room. In addition, he always brings a smile to those whose jobs give them little to smile about.