Jonathan Tate — Shelter

Location: Staunton, Virginia

Tate had been abused before I adopted him and it took almost a month before he believed he was safe with me. He started sleeping on my bed at night and began waking me up several times each night. When I mentioned that to my doctor, he sent me for a sleep study. I had undiagnosed sleep apnea – my little Jack Chi was waking me up when I stopped breathing! My doctor said the dog was saving my life!

Before I adopted Tate, I’d had a very bad “silent stroke” which caused dizziness and brain fog. Because I wasn’t allowed to return to work nor drive, I became depressed. After adopting Tate, my entire attitude changed.

I’ve had at least two more silent strokes and one of the residual damages they left was occasional dizzy spells. Tate alerts before I have one of the dizzy spells so I can sit down before I fall down or, if we’re out on a walk, he heads for home quickly so that I can get inside and sit down before I fall. He alerts by staring at me – non-stop – until I sit down. I don’t feel different but he knows the dizzy spell is coming. He’s had no training so I don’t know how he knows.

I’ve also been told by several people where I live that he is the best behaved dog in the entire complex. I think he’s also the smartest, most lovable and the most protective…but I’m prejudiced.