Josh — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Gunnar's Wheels
Location: Sun Valley, California

Josh. Born with a cleft palate. Taken into the shelter to be euthanized at birth. He laid at the shelter, hungry & cold with his umbilical cord still attached. The call came in to me, asking if I would take him. I said yes. He arrived cold, & stiff. I worked on him around the clock. After 48 hours, he started to fight & thrive. I started him his own FB page, and he quickly became an internet sensation, proving to the world that birth defects don’t need to be a death sentence. Josh and I ended up landing the cover of Modern dog magazine. It was then that I knew he had a purpose. He inspired me to start a non-profit naming it after him Josh & His Critters. Josh is 4 years old. He saves the worst of the worst off death row, including animals with birth defects, terminal animals, & animals in critical need of emergency care, etc. Thanks to Josh, we specialize in cleft palates. Josh also saves cats, rats, turtles, birds, gophers, pigs, lambs, goats, and rabbits, and we find them loving homes. Josh will save anything with a heartbeat. Josh continues to rehabilitate all creatures great & small. Josh’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. He’s made it into the local paper, & been in the news twice for his ongoing efforts here in Los Angeles, CA. Josh will continue to educate the world that all animals deserve a second chance at life, no matter how young, how old, sick, or injured they are. Feel free to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages Josh and His Critters

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